It all started in 2014. I was a shy lil marketer going for an interview at a place called ventureLAB, where my new boss Rachel (who would eventually be my future business partner) was about to go on mat leave. Can I just say how bummed I was that she went on mat leave just as I arrived? SHE WAS SO COOL! I mean she still is, BUT YOU KNOW. LIKE SHE KNEW STUFF. ABOUT BUSINESS. AND MARKETING. And we seemed to hit it off pretty well!

Fast-forward a year just before Rachel returns from her mat leave and I’m seriously about to high-tail it out of vL because the environment is so toxic I can’t handle it on a good day. The thing is, something in my head kept telling me to stick it out until my pal Rachel returned. And when she did, work got easier, more fun, and every day was better and better.

This reads like a love story because it basically is. I mean how often do you come across another human that you can actually work SO WELL with, that you’d trust them to start a business with you? Frankly for me that’s a very small margin and I gotta tell ya, I lucked out in the business partner department!

We’d talk a lot about having our own agency one day, especially when work got too frustrating or too crazy. Eventually I needed to pay off a lot of debt and bills, so I started freelancing, building websites on the side under “The Ultimate WordPress Designer”. That took off, so I left vL in June of 2018 to work on “The Ultimate Creative” full time, with Rachel’s help. Here’s my resignation letter to Rachel:

I put it in an envelope, stuffed then envelope with confetti and sprayed it with Febreze.

WITH GREAT SADNESS Rachel accepted the letter and wept bitterly into the long nights of misery that would befall her. I assume.

The Ultimate Creative kept going, growing, getting to be much more than I could handle. Rachel contributed not just towards client work, but also towards bettering my state of mind through this whole process. See what I mean when I say I got SUPER LUCKY? ‘Cause I did! And this is the part of the story where Rachel jumps in, full steam ahead…

…aww Em, we’re the luckiest.

Rachel here. My turn now!

I remember that interview and day so well. I knew we’d make a great team!

Want to know what makes this partnership work? We’re honest, transparent and most of all incredibly respectful of each other. We don’t always agree, we’re both super “A Type” personalities, we’re also very different in many ways – but we have a boat load of respect for each other.

Emily really is The Ultimate Creative! She has a way of livening things up, with her words or her design.

In the last year or so of working full-time together, we talked about opening up an agency together, what it would look and feel like.

Emily was ready to take the leap before me – and man was I happy for her. I was and will always support my team in doing what makes them happy, even if that means that I may lose them.

Fast forward about 8 months and my circumstances changed. I was ready to start working on this full-time, but would Emily want me as a partner after she spent almost a year building the business on her own?

Well, luckily for me – she said yes. 


…..and here we are! Officially launching our agency together.Can you believe this Em?

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