The Story behind how The Concept Agency was born 

Every brand has a story, and the story of how The Concept Agency came to be starts over 5 years ago. How did Rachel and Emily meet? How did they not kill each other in the process of starting a business? HOW THE HECK DO THEY DO THIS EVERY DAY? It’s remarkable. We just are very truly remarkable people. That’s how.

First Impressions

It all started at a place called ventureLAB, where Rachel, lonely, despondent, afraid for her future as a marketer, was hiring for a marketing coordinator. Enter, Emily, charming, unreasonably attractive, undeniably amazing, total goddess. Rachel asks her tough questions like “HOW DO YOU MANAGE YOUR DAY?” and “WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU DIDN’T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT MONEY?!” And she asked all these questions in caps lock also. Satisfied with Emily’s answers, Rachel hires Emily shortly thereafter. What fortune! What luck! Unfortunately, Rachel would take her maternity leave soon after Emily started, leaving her in a toxic workplace that would only continue to get more stressful until Rachel made her return.


Working Together 

While similar and different in their own ways, Rachel and Emily brought out the best in each other. Instead of the typical boss-employee relationship, they worked well with one another because they treated each other as partners. Their strengths complemented each other well, like a match made in heaven.


The Freelancing Life 

Even before they started freelancing, the idea to start an agency together was floating around, but at the time, they just had too many responsibilities that meant they couldn’t take on the risk quite yet. In the summer of 2018, Emily took a risk and decided to leave her full-time job at ventureLAB to start freelancing and Rachel stayed close, working on projects with Emily and sending business her way for a hot commission. BONUS! In the winter of 2019, Rachel left ventureLAB and began freelancing, working with small companies to help them grow. 


The Proposal 

No engagement ring involved with this proposal, just a very intense strategy session. While Rachel was on the fence about the commitment required to start a business with Emily, during this strategy meeting, everything just clicked and BOOM! Suddenly they became business partners. It was literally that fast. Like over the span of an hour.


Fast Forward to Now 

From a tiny hourly rental office to having an actual office space and even a stupendous employee (HAY MINA!), we’ve come a long way. Entrepreneurship is really scary and involves a lot of risk, but it’s a lot easier when you’re doing it with someone you love working with. 


Everyone’s path to entrepreneurship looks different. If you’re a small business owner and serious about growing your business (like Rachel said, so we can pay people), email us at



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